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Group Accommodations: AirBnB

As an alternative to booking a hotel room, consider renting an AirBnB for the weekend!

Below are just a couple of options to choose from.

Websites that you can visit to view other accommodations include:

AirBnB Option 1: Motherwell House-entire house-countryside stay Sleeps: 10 guests

This house has all the comforts of home with beautiful open vistas visible out each window. This property was deeded to the Motherwell family following the War of 1812, staying in their family name 100 years. The interior of the house is fully renovated with some exterior projects ongoing.

AirBnB Option 2: Private Loft in a Historic Gothic Stone Church Sleeps: 6 guests

This private, bright, unique and spacious studio loft is custom designed and built into a 1900 historic Gothic Stone Church.

AirBnB Option 3: The Coutts House Sleeps: 10 guests

This three bedroom, open concept countryside home is located just outside Perth. Spend your afternoon lounging on the deck or swimming and boating at the nearby beach. Later relax at the outdoor fire pit, enjoying nature at its finest.


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